Does your smile project the type of image you want? Both men and women spend time, money and effort to project sex appeal, but you can have a super body, a sexy hairstyle and a designer cloth and still fall short of a great image because your smile isn't attractive. Even if it's not turn-off to you it might be turn off to others! If you aren't happy with the image your teeth project our cosmetic dentist Dr. Ajay Sharma can reshape them to give whole new look, and that look is up to you. There are no rules, some women want delicate and more rounded shape to their teeth, some prefer a bold, athletic look. Likewise, many of the men desire an angular masculine smile, while others want a softer appearance. Tremendous advancements have been made recently in cosmetic dentistry.

We are now able to create beautiful smiles whereas before this was not possible. Those patients who have undergone a cosmetic smile-lift, have very often reported a new outlook on life, and an increased self-esteem. They feel so much better about themselves, and are so much more motivated to practice better oral hygiene. This in turn leads to better dental health.

Dr. Ajay Sharma has a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry. He has done post-doctoral program in cosmetic dentistry. If you are interested in changing your smile, why not let us show you what is possible by imaging your smile on our computer? We will take a picture of your smile, and our computer will change your smile right in front of your eyes! We provide a complimentary imaging to any patient that is a member of our practice.

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