Silver-Mercury fillings have been the filling material of choice of dentists for many years. Many dentists still do provide this filling material. This material has been shown to be safe and effective. We feel that silver fillings are just fine. However, we no longer provide this material for a couple of reasons. Evidence has shown that the manufacturers of tooth colored filling materials have improved these materials so much in the past few years that we can confidently predict that the tooth colored materials will last at least as long as silver fillings. In addition, since the tooth colored materials bond to the existing tooth, there is less risk for tooth fracture than when using silver fillings, which do not bond to the tooth. Finally, if we can restore a tooth with a fine, long lasting material that blends in with the natural tooth, why use something ugly such as silver filling material? Most of our patients like the fact that their fillings are invisible. Thus, we have found that there is no real reason to continue to provide silver fillings for our patients.

Bonded, Tooth colored restorations:

We offer this type of restoration for a number of reasons-

1. We are able to make invisible fillings with this material. In addition, there will be no future black staining of the tooth which is so common around old silver-mercury fillings.

2. The latest bonded, tooth colored materials are just as strong as silver-mercury fillings, and are able to be bonded very strongly to natural tooth structure. This enables us to place a restoration which will function for many years and help the patient avoid tooth fracture, the side effect so common with silver-mercury fillings.

3. Silver-mercury fillings pose a significant health risk, and not used now a days. It is nice to be able to place a bonded tooth colored restoration, which not only strengthens and beautifies your tooth, but also has no mercury, the second most toxic element know to man.


Also known as a "cap," a crown is used to restore teeth which are badly broken down, root canal treated teeth or for teeth that have huge fillings which are prone to break down. The crown acts like a "thimble ", covering over the tooth and helping to prevent the tooth from breaking. Traditionally, crowns were made of all metal, such as gold, or were made of a metal core with porcelain baked onto the outside to make it look more like a natural tooth. Drs. AJAY & SEEMA have recently begun delivering some all ceramic Empress crowns. These crowns, when bonded in place, have been shown to be as strong as crowns with the metal core. In addition, due to the absence of metal, light is able to reflect through the "Empress "crown similar to a natural tooth. This means that in most instances, it is almost impossible for a casual observer to tell an Empress Crown from a natural tooth. The aesthetics are simply astounding!

Root Canal:

It is no longer necessary to have your tooth extracted due to a toothache in a badly decayed tooth. Earlier in such situations, the tooth was pulled out. Modern dentistry now allows us to get such a tooth saved with a root canal procedure. The tooth would then need a crown to restore it and prevent it from breaking apart. With the help of modern anaesthetic technologies, root canals can be accomplished absolutely pain free! We are able to complete most root canals in one 60 - 90 minute appointment.


For those of our patients needing extractions (including wisdom tooth extractions), we have the facility of nitrous oxide anaesthesia in case you don't want to be awake for your extractions.

Paediatric Dentistry:

Dr. Seema Nangia Sharma enjoys working with children. She has many patients as young as four years old. For the very apprehensive and / or uncooperative children, she is the best dentist to approach.

Porcelain Facial Veneers:

For patients with badly discolored, or badly shaped front teeth, we can bond porcelain facings onto these teeth. The cosmetic improvement that can be achieved in many cases is truly amazing. This procedure requires two appointments, and in most cases requires very minimal removal of actual tooth structure prior to making an impression to be sent to a dental laboratory. Our experience is that these restorations should easily last ten years or longer while maintaining excellent aesthetics.

Dentures and Partials:

For those patients that have no option, due to extensive tooth decay, or advanced gum disease, we are able to offer dentures or partials. Many patients want to have their denture or partial on the same day their teeth are extracted. We are able to provide this service by taking the impressions of the mouth a week before the extraction visit. The impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory, and the denture or partial is constructed and ready to be placed on the day of the extractions. As the healing process occurs, the gums will shrink. As a result, the denture or partial will loosen and need to be relined at a later date. For those patients wearing partials with ugly metal hooks, we are able to recommend precision partials. These partials contain no hooks. Rather, they have hidden snaps which secure the partial in place. As an alternative to partials, we recommend implant dentistry as a nice option for those patients wishing to totally get away from having a denture or partial.

Periodontal (Gum) Treatment:

Although great strides have been made in preventing tooth decay due to the advent of fluoridated water supply, tooth loss due to gum disease is still very common. At the comprehensive new patient visit, we will do a thorough gum examination. We will discuss the various factors associated with gum disease, and will outline a treatment plan to help the patient get their gums healthy. Our hygienist will demonstrate techniques for removing plaque from all surfaces of the patient's teeth. After treatment with the hygienist, on a subsequent visit, we will re-evaluate the patient's gum condition and if necessary, refer the patient to a local periodontist (gum specialist).


Over the years, most people's teeth will absorb stains from food, drink, tobacco, etc. As a result, their teeth will turn a couple shades darker. For these patients, we can fabricate a custom tray into which a bleaching solution can be placed. Patients apply the solution into the tray, then wear the tray for a few hours every day for a couple of weeks. After a couple of weeks, most patients' teeth will lighten a couple shades, which in most situations is a very noticeable improvement. This process does not work as well for patients with deep stain such as from certain antibiotics taken in childhood. In these situations usually, a porcelain veneer, or crown is needed to mask the stain.

Dental Implants:

Patients who had to compromise their aesthetic apearance, chewing functionality and nutritional intake due to one or more teeth loss can now be restored back to various degree of normal aesthetics and function with the help of dental implants. The problem of loose dentures due to small bone height can now be solved by the placement of dental implants by our specialist Dr. Ajay Sharma. He is a fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantologists and has been placing Implants from the last two decades. Dental Implant once placed in the jaw bone works like a natural tooth throughout life and also prevents the cutting of adjacent natural teeth for placing one or more teeth.

Orthodontics (Braces):

Patients, specially children having mal-aligned or irregular teeth, can get them corrected by the placement of braces on their teeth. We use latest techniques and the materials for these type of procedures.